FunkyFresh E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. – HipHop Workshops in Nepal

It all started last summer when I came across the idea of doing workshops in Nepal. From that moment I knew my life was about to change and I would embark on this journey together with Mami facing new ambitions .. new challenges .. new ideas and most of all a new dream appeared within the very bottom of my soul. This dream to educate the youth with a positive medium of expression and to build a conscious community that would raise awareness amongst the youth ! The dream to make great leaders of these kids for the future so that they could continue the work that we are doing. A dream where every smile on a kid’s face counts, a dream where kids are able to have an outlet in stressfull and happy times, a dream where kids come together and collaborate with eachother whether it be Deejaying, Emceeing , Bboying, Beatmaking, Slam Poetry , Popping or Beatboxing. This is my dream and it is as much as yours as it is mine as you are reading this, because the more people  put their love and effort into it the more this dream can be possible, so I need your help to manifest OUR dream. This is a dream from the people for the people .. this is our legacy !

You can help us by contributing or promoting the FunkyFresh campaign at IndieGoGo.

Here is the link:

Keep it FunkyFresh y’all GOD BLESS


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